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Device Configuration Utility 2.18
Actualizado: 24-08-2018

  1. (new feature) - Added auto-update capability for DevConfig software.
  2. (new feature) - Added "Manage OS" panel to facilitate datalogger operating system updates (CR300, CR1000X, CR6 dataloggers).
  3. (new feature) - Added a new setting for the CR6 to specify the behavior of the Wi-Fi configuration button (Join a Network/Create a Network/Disable).
  4. (new feature) - Added new settings for the CR6 and CR1000X that specify verify and beacon interval values for PakBus/TCP connections.
  5. (minor) - Added a "Maximum TCP Segment Size" setting for the CRx000 families of dataloggers.
  6. (minor) - Assigned a maximum value of 10 Amps to the current limit setting for the charge rate for the CH201.
  7. (minor) - Removed the "factory-write" attribute from the serial number setting for the CS475A.
  8. (minor) - Edited the setting help files for the CR300 and CR6 so that the help looks better on the settings web page.
  9. (minor) - Increased the size limit for the CR300 setting that reports cellular state.
  10. (minor) - Updated the graphics in the about box header.
  11. (minor) - Removed enable expressions for the HTTP service port and the FTP service port settings. The position of the enabling values is not the same across all device types that use this file.
  12. (minor) - Updated the help for the CRx000 setting that controls PCAP output.
  13. (minor) - Added a warning in the instructions for the data recovery wizard that identifies the requirement for OS25 or newer for the CR1000, CR3000, and CR800 datalogger types.
  14. (minor) - Added a custom version string parser for the CR300 that will ignore anything beyond the dash in the model. This resolves an issue where the CR300 reported its daughter board as a part of the OS version model.
  15. (minor) - Updated the connect and OS send instructions for the MD485 to change references to the word "modem".
  16. (minor) - Updated the wiring table in the connect instructions for the CS240DM.
  17. (minor) - Updated mbed-tls to version 2.9.0
  18. (minor) - Added key filters for the edit control used for floating point components so that the control will only accept characters associated with floating point values.
  19. (minor) - Updated the certificate used for signing applications and USB drivers.
  20. (minor) - Corrected grammar errors in connected and off-line modes for various device types.
  21. (minor) - Disabled Configuration setting for control port-based com ports (e.g., COMC1, COMC3).
  22. (minor) - Updated settings help for the NL240.
  23. (minor) - Removed a reference to the CS I/O port for CR300 baud rate settings.