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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
Get a data from CR-1000 with normal PC serial program?? superego 0
extract current data from another datalogger slave kokihualpa 0
thermometer gift with datalogger kokihualpa 4
Data output for a CR1000 chemgoof1010 1
SYNOP or METAR from CR1000 smile 0
Is it necessary to connect floating sources to ground, to avoid common mode range issues? Anton 0
Simple delay problem MortenS 8
CR6 - Have to manually reboot my station after certain amounts of data collected for the Raven modem connection to work again Bluegrass 18
Has anyone out there had to reset their modems every week or so to keep the communication working? Jared 19
RavenXTVs went off line last night. Not my server, not my equipment. Verizons fault? HKing 8
Does EthernetPower(off) turn off the NL115/NL116 completely so that it draws no current? Minh T. 5
Communicating over mixed network. Peter R. 4
another way to receive data maurixio 1
Malware MAWF 1
How to control a SDM-CD16AC with CR1000 texagg98 1
connection over Modbus serial or TCP Hafez 2
Configuration of the CHP1 pyrethiometer on CR6 rmoura 0
Teledyne and Thermo environment connect through CR3000 using modbus Hafez 2
How to solve this: insert disk1 which contains file" quiqueapolo 3
MODBUS P222 comand on CR1000 kyle 2
CSI Web Server Website Hits Thein 1
Trouble compiling and using PC200W 4.4 TaCaPica2 8
FreeWave DGR-115R conneting to CR1000 clapp 1
Loggtool's rawdata question JPN_boy 0
RTMC Pro Run-time daily scheduled restarts AMK 0
ZephIR Z300 Lidar Franky 1
optimizing packets IslandMan 5
Use LoggerNet's Terminal Emulator kokihualpa 1
RM young 81000 Difficulties dh33 0
communication osiris turnkey kokihualpa 0