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Calibration Essentials: Frequency (Calibration Intervals)

Autor: Michael Jacobs | Última actualización: 04/01/2024 | Comentarios: 0

calibration essentials: frequency (calibration intervals)

In our two previous calibration blog articles, we explored the vital role of calibration in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurement instruments across diverse fields. We delved into the fundamentals of calibration, its various methods, and the importance of metrological traceability. Now, we turn... leer más

How to Equip Your Workforce for Success Through Training

Autor: Vim Mistry | Última actualización: 03/25/2024 | Comentarios: 0

how to equip your workforce for success through training

Continuous learning in the environmental monitoring industry empowers individuals and organisations alike, fostering innovation, user engagement, and a growth mindset. If you haven’t read our “How Do You Put Learning into Action?” blog article, I encourage you to do so. In this article, we’ll shift... leer más

Calibration Essentials: Traceability

Autor: Michael Jacobs | Última actualización: 03/18/2024 | Comentarios: 0

calibration essentials: traceability

In our previous calibration blog article, we established calibration’s critical role in ensuring reliable, accurate measurements across diverse fields. We examined the very essence of calibration and its significance for safety, efficiency, and quality. Now, in this second article, we shift our focus to traceability... leer más

How Do You Put Learning into Action?

Autor: Vim Mistry | Última actualización: 03/11/2024 | Comentarios: 0

how do you put learning into action?

While continuous learning in the field of environmental monitoring is important, it’s even more critical to put that learning to practical use. Understanding the benefits for both employees and organisations to stay up to date on technology, expand expertise, and improve performance is one thing.... leer más

A Closer Look: Resolving Dam Data Discrepancies

Autor: Eric Schmidt | Última actualización: 03/05/2024 | Comentarios: 0

a closer look: resolving dam data discrepancies

Did you read our Southwest: Solving the Mystery of Erroneous Dam Monitoring Data case study? Want to get some more details? In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at that case study. If you haven’t read the case study yet, please do... leer más

Calibration Essentials: Importance

Autor: Michael Jacobs | Última actualización: 03/04/2024 | Comentarios: 1

calibration essentials: importance

In the world of measurement and data acquisition, ensuring instrument accuracy is paramount. Regular calibration is essential to maintaining the integrity of your measurements and safeguarding your operations. But what exactly is calibration, and why is it so important? In this three-part blog series, we’ll explore... leer más

4 Reasons Why Continuous Learning Is Critical for Environmental Monitoring

Autor: Ramatoulaye Nabi | Última actualización: 02/01/2024 | Comentarios: 0

4 reasons why continuous learning is critical for environmental monitoring

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental monitoring, staying ahead of the curve is not just a luxury but a necessity. As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, organisations must equip their employees with the skills and knowledge to effectively use emerging tools and navigate the... leer más

How to Easily Replace and Update a CS223 Sensor Head

Autor: Ajay Singh | Última actualización: 01/15/2024 | Comentarios: 0

how to easily replace and update a cs223 sensor head

Campbell Scientific’s CS223 Pt-1000 Class A, Back-of-Module Temperature Sensor (discontinued effective 31 October 2023) has been replaced by the CS241 Pt-1000 Class A, Back-of-Module Temperature Sensor. When needed, you can replace the CS223 sensor head with a CS241 head without having to replace the entire... leer más

Why Is the CR6 the Preferred Automated Monitoring Platform for Geotechnical Applications Worldwide?

Autor: Michael Adams | Última actualización: 01/08/2024 | Comentarios: 0

why is the cr6 the preferred automated monitoring platform for geotechnical applications worldwide?

If you’re not using a CR6 Automated Monitoring Platform for your geotechnical application, you may be missing out on some key benefits that could help ensure the success of your instrumentation and monitoring network. Based on my 30 years of experience with data-acquisition systems, I’ll... leer más

Tips to Troubleshoot and Optimize Large RF Networks: Part 2

Autor: Nathanael Wright | Última actualización: 12/20/2023 | Comentarios: 1

tips to troubleshoot and optimize large rf networks: part 2

In this blog article, I’ll share with you the next five tips (6 through 10) that you can use to help troubleshoot your radio frequency (RF) networks. This is the second article in our three-part series. If you missed my first article or want to... leer más

How the DustVue Can Help You Get USABLE Soiling Data

Autor: Ben Todt | Última actualización: 12/04/2023 | Comentarios: 0

how the dustvue can help you get usable soiling data

Should you be concerned about the impact of soiling or fouling on your photovoltaic (PV) power plant performance? Did you know that in a recent estimate, more than US$6 billion of annual revenue is lost because of diminished power generation at PV facilities due to... leer más

Tips to Troubleshoot and Optimize Large RF Networks: Part 1

Autor: Nathanael Wright | Última actualización: 10/31/2023 | Comentarios: 0

tips to troubleshoot and optimize large rf networks: part 1

In this blog article, and the next two in the series, I’m going to share with you some tips you can use to help troubleshoot your radio frequency (RF) networks. In large RF networks, it can be challenging to achieve reliable spread-spectrum radio communications. (For our... leer más

Cómo obtener medidas precisas de cuerda vibrante con cables muy largos

Autor: Nathanael Wright | Última actualización: 10/17/2023 | Comentarios: 0

cómo obtener medidas precisas de cuerda vibrante con cables muy largos

Typically, when you use long cable lengths for your vibrating wire measurements, you experience a weaker signal with a greater chance of interference. So, how do you overcome this challenge and improve your measurement quality? Keep reading to find out. At Campbell Scientific, our vibrating wire... leer más

Las 5 cosas que el VWAnalyzer puede hacer por usted

Autor: Jacqalyn Maughan | Última actualización: 08/29/2023 | Comentarios: 0

las 5 cosas que el vwanalyzer puede hacer por usted

You may not realize just how helpful our handheld instrumentation can be—especially when it makes it easy for you to test your vibrating wire sensors, saving you time and money if a failed sensor is identified prior to installation. Let’s dive deeper into the five... leer más

Uso de VSPECT® para verificar cuerda vibrante: ¿sensor estropeado o datos erróneos?

Autor: Jacqalyn Maughan | Última actualización: 04/06/2023 | Comentarios: 0

uso de vspect<sup>®</sup> para verificar cuerda vibrante: ¿sensor estropeado o datos erróneos?

Have you ever thought your bad vibrating wire sensor measurements were caused by erratic or erroneous data? You may be surprised to learn that data issues may not be the cause. If you are using a data-acquisition system other than one of the Campbell Scientific... leer más

Troubleshooting Vibrating Wire Piezometers

Autor: Nathanael Wright | Última actualización: 03/28/2023 | Comentarios: 0

troubleshooting vibrating wire piezometers

Campbell Scientific vibrating wire measurement hardware, with our patented VSPECT® technology, offers a distinct advantage over all other vibrating wire measurement systems. Unlike non-Campbell Scientific vibrating wire interfaces that use pulse counting to derive vibrating wire frequency, Campbell Scientific's VSPECT vibrating wire measurement products use spectral... leer más

Diagnosticar fácilmente problemas de conexión en el modem celular CELL215

Autor: Nathanael Wright | Última actualización: 01/12/2023 | Comentarios: 2

diagnosticar fácilmente problemas de conexión en el modem celular cell215

Campbell Scientific’s CELL2XX cellular modems (CELL205, CELL210, CELL215, CELL220, and CELL225) are commonly used as a low-power alternative to the many industrial cellular solutions available on the market today and are built to easily interface with all Campbell Scientific data loggers and data-acquisition systems. Occasionally,... leer más

How to Generate SFTP Keys Easily

Autor: Nathanael Wright | Última actualización: 09/12/2022 | Comentarios: 6

how to generate sftp keys easily

As organizations throughout the world continue to strengthen their network and data communications systems to counter increased security threats, we’ve noticed a trend: there’s been an increase in the number of Campbell Scientific customers setting up secure communications between their data loggers and other devices. SSH... leer más

How to Test COM Ports and Short Haul Modems

Autor: Bruce Smith | Última actualización: 04/15/2021 | Comentarios: 2

how to test com ports and short haul modems

Has an electrical surge or other event made you concerned that your COM port or short haul modem may not be operating properly? Do you know how to test for this? In this brief article, we’ll look at some simple tests you can perform to... leer más

Debería saber: Mejoras en envío de SMS con instrucción SMSSend()

Autor: Dana Worley | Última actualización: 04/09/2021 | Comentarios: 0

debería saber: mejoras en envío de sms con instrucción smssend()

Do you currently use SMSSend() in a CRBasic data logger program to send SMS messages through a Campbell Scientific CELL2XX internal or external cellular module? There are some things you should know about the recent improvements we made that affect how SMSSend() works. With the release... leer más