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Device Configuration Utility 2.25
Actualizado: 09-09-2020

  1. (new-feature) Added support for the LevelVUE water-level continuous flow bubbler with an integrated screen.
  2. (new-feature) Added support for the RainVUE SDI-12 tipping bucket rain guage.
  3. (new-feature) Added a GOES tab/deployment panel for the TX325 GOES radio and the TX326 METEOSAT radio in the CR1000X, CR6, CR300 and GRANITE10/9/6 dataloggers. This deployment panel allows setting radio parameters, viewing radio diagnostic information, and a yagi antenna orientation aid. Pressing the F5 key on the computer’s keyboard forces the datalogger to poll the attached TX325/TX326 radio for the latest information.
  4. (new-feature) Added a setting that specifies the SFTP private key as a ppk file for the CR6, CR1000X, GRANITE6, GRANITE9, and GRANITE10 datalogger types.
  5. (new-feature) Added support for a .crb CRBasic program extension which will be supported in the next CR1000X and CR6 operating systems.
  6. (new-feature) Added a button to clear the terminal panel.
  7. (new-feature) Added basic Russian Language support and basic Costa Rican-Spanish support for Device Configuration Utilities’ controls.
  8. (minor) Updated libraries to MBED-TLS version 2.23.0.