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Device Configuration Utility 2.27
Actualizado: 03-02-2022

  1. New Feature - Added support for the SkyVUE 8 and SkyVUE Pro sensor types.
  2. New Feature - Added a new setting for the CR350 that will report the status of datalogger communications with the configured MQTT server.
  3. New Feature - Added a "CLOUD Config URL" setting for the CR300 and CR350 datalogger types.
  4. New Feature - Updated device descriptions to support new datalogger settings that include antenna gain in the GOES settings setting as well as the GOES status setting.
  5. Minor - Updated off-line defaults for the CR350 and CS240DM.
  6. Minor - Changed the maximum values for the AL205 sensor id settings since 255 is reserved for the ALERT2 protocol.
  7. Minor - Updated settings help and connect instructions for various datalogger types as well as the NL201, NL240, and NL241 device types.