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Device Configuration Utility 2.19
Actualizado: 06-12-2018

  1. (New Feature) Added new baud rates for the RS-232 port that are faster than the 115,200 KBaud rate for the CR1000, CR3000, CR800 Series, CR6, and CR1000X. These baud rates will only be available with an OS update and can only be used with a very short cable.
  2. (New Feature) Added new settings for the CR300 series dataloggers including "Trusted Hosts", "NTP Server", and "PCAP".
  3. (New Feature) Added settings for external CELL2xx connected to a datalogger that cover roaming and over the air update pending.
  4. (New Feature) Added support in the deployment panel for the CR300, CR6, and CR1000X dataloggers so that external modem parameters can be edited through the datalogger.
  5. (New Feature) Added support in the deployment panel for the CR1000X, CR6, and CR300 datalogger types for settings that configure an optionally attached CELL-200 series modem.
  6. (New Feature) Extended the baud rates available for the CR300 Series RS-232 port so that rates of 230400 and 460800 can be specified.
  7. (New Feature) Added a "Trusted Host" setting for the CR1000X, CR6, and CR9 dataloggers.
  8. (New Feature) Added a dialog that can be used for testing serial port connections with loop-back adapters. This can be accessed from the Help menu.
  9. (minor) Various minor bug fixes and help changes needed to improve the customer experience.