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HMP50-L Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
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The HMP50 measures both temperature and relative humidity and is suitable for long-term, unattended monitoring. The humidity component features a field-replaceable chip, which eliminates downtime typically required for the recalibration process. The HMP50 is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

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Ventajas y características

  • Chip de humedad reemplazable en campo que elimina el tiempo de inactividad de una recalibración
  • Se puede montar en mástil torre/trípode o en brazo


Descripción detallada

The HMP50 measures temperature with a 1000 Ohm platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) and relative humidity (RH) with a 50Y Intercap capacitive chip. The chip is field-replaceable, which eliminates the downtime typically required for the recalibration process. This temperature and RH sensor is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers.

The HMP50 should be housed in a solar radiation shield—typically the 41303-5A. The 41303-5A 6-plate naturally aspirated shield attaches to a mast, crossarm, or tower leg.


Supply Voltage 7 to 28 Vdc (typically powered by data logger’s 12 V supply)
Current Consumption 2 mA (typical)
Housing Material Chrome-coated aluminum and chrome-coated ABS plastic
Operating Temperature Range -40° to +60°C
Diameter 1.2 cm (0.47 in.)
Length 7.1 cm (2.8 in.)
Weight 0.05 kg (0.1 lb) with 1.83-m (6-ft) cable

Relative Humidity

Sensor Vaisala’s INTERCAP capacitive chip
Measurement Range 0 to 98% RH (non-condensing)
  • ±3% (0% to 90% range)
  • ±5% (90% to 98% range)
Temperature Dependence See graph in product brochure.


Temperature Sensor 1000 ohm Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Measurement Range -40° to +60°C
Accuracy See graph in product brochure.


Nota: lo siguiente muestra información de compatibilidad notable. No es una lista de todos los productos compatibles.


Producto Compatible Nota
CR1000 (retired)
CR200X (retired)
CR216X (retired)
CR5000 (retired)
CR9000X (retired)


Producto Compatible Nota
21X (retired)
CR10 (retired)
CR10X (retired)
CR23X (retired)
CR500 (retired)
CR510 (retired)
CR9000 (retired)

Información de compatibilidad adicional


The HMP50 is typically housed in a 41303-5A 6-plate naturally aspirated shield.

It may also be housed in a 41003-5 10-plate shield if additional hardware is used. A 41322 Adapter Plate allows the HMP50 to be mounted in the lower part of the 41003-5 10-plate shield. Alternatively, a 41381 extension tube and the 6637 split nut plug can be used to mount the HMP50 in a higher part of the 41003-5; the #41381 cable is also required.

Both the 41303-5A and the 41003-5 attach to a crossarm, mast, or user-supplied pipe with a 1.0-in. to 2.1-in. outer diameter.

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