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21X Micrologger®
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The 21X Micrologger featured a self-contained package that had an integrated power supply, keyboard, and display. Its on-board power supply contained alkaline batteries.

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The 21X Micrologger featured a self-contained package that had an integrated power supply, keyboard, and display. Its on-board power supply contained alkaline batteries.

The 21X provided 8 differential (16 single-ended) analog input channels, 4 switched excitation outputs, 2 continuous analog outputs, 6 control ports, and 4 pulse counting channels. It had a CS I/O port that was labeled Serial I/O; an SC32A or SC32B was required for communications with a PC. The 21X stored up to 19,296 data points in its internal memory.

Internal software PROMs (Firmware), ac rejection, and temperature testing were ordered at time of purchase. The 21X needed three PROMs for any Windows software to communicate with it. Two PROMs had only three *B windows; three PROMS had nine *B windows. For descriptions of PROMs, see Ordering Info.


  • 8 differential (16 single-ended) analog input channels
  • 4 switched excitation outputs
  • 2 continuous analog outputs
  • 6 control ports
  • 4 pulse counting channels
  • Stored 19,296 data points in internal memory


A typical field-based 21X system consisted of:

 • 21X Micrologger
 • Weatherproof Enclosure
 • Communications Peripheral(s)
 • Programming and Communications Software
 • Sensors

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  1. I would start with checking the 12V and 5V supply of the 21X. Then check the *B Mode of the 21X to read the software PROMs. If you see only four windows in the *B Mode you will not be able to use Campbell Scientific Windows Software to interrogate the 21X with the IBM thinkpad. You will need to up grade the PROMs in the 21X. Contact Campbell Scientific for the PROM up grade.

  2. Refer to Section 4. of the 21X Manual that is on our web page or refer to the SM4M/16M Storage Module Manual on how to transfer data to a storage module. The SM192/716 Storage Modules transfer data the same way.

  3. The 21XL Rechargeable Battery Pack with solar panel or ac charger is one option. Another option is to use a user-provided deep-cycle marine or car battery with a solar panel to work with a 21X.

  4. It may be that there is no output flag set to dump data to final storage. It is possible that access is not being made to the right input location of the barometric pressure sensor to send it to final storage. To set an output flag, refer to the "Program Control Instructions" section in the 21X Micrologger Operator's Manual.

  5. The voltage ranges are software selectable for any channel, and full scale range is ±0 to 5 V. Refer to the "Input/Output Instructions" section for the input voltage ranges in the 21X Micrologger Operator's Manual

  6. After the power to the 21X is turned off, the program, final storage data, and clock settings are lost. There is no battery-backup RAM or Clock in the 21X.

  7. A practical maximum is to connect one multiplexer per every two control terminals on the datalogger. Control terminals can be shared between multiplexers to increase the number of connected multiplexers. Sharing terminals, however, requires more complex wiring and programming. Users who would like to connect more than one multiplexer per every two control terminals are advised to contact a sales or support engineer at Campbell Scientific for assistance.

  8. There is no built-in security code in the 21X. A security code can be set in one of two ways in the 21X:

    • Enter a security code using *C and a four-digit number.
    • Enter a security code in Edlog. Under Options, enter a four-digit security code into the program.

    For more information on security, refer to Page 1-6 of the 21X Operator's Manual.

  9. Whenever power is lost to the 21X, the program, clock, and final storage data are lost. Using our data logger support software, the program can be written and reloaded to the 21X.

    Campbell Scientific recommends keeping a backup to the program that includes a software and hard copy, as well as a backup wiring diagram of the sensors.

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