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Mid-level, low power, portable weather station that provides general meteorological measurements with the flexibility to be adapted to a wide arena of weather based applications.

This is a portable weather station with a tiltable mast. This station provides basic weather station measurements and can calculate many related weather parameters such as evapotranspiration, growing degree days, wind chill, dew point, and more. The expandability of this system provides the flexibility to add sensors, control devices, and telecommunication options to enhance an existing research project or be altered to meet the needs of a new project.

NB. Image shown is for US equivalent station and features a different rain gauge to that supplied in Europe


La mayoría de los sistemas que fabricamos son personalizables. Sin embargo, estos sistemas, en la mayoría de los casos miden los siguientes parámetros:

  • Velocidad viento
  • Dirección viento
  • Temperatura del aire
  • Humedad relativa del aire
  • Presión barométrica
  • Solar radiation - direct normal irradiance (DNI)
  • Precipitación

Ventajas y características

  • Battery-backed system enables continuous data collection, even during power outages and network failure


Casos de aplicación

UK Met Office MMS Project
When the UK Met Office wished to replace its network of around 200 automatic weather......leer más


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  1. The following are the needed weather measurements with their importance:

    • Solar Radiation – Constitutes up to 80% of the equation depending on conditions.
    • Air Temperature – Ties for 2nd place with wind speed.
    • Wind Speed – Ties for 2nd place with air temperature.
    • Relative Humidity – Has a noticeable effect when the air is really dry or really humid.