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PC200 Software iniciación datalogger
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IMPORTANTE: el software PC200W pronto estará obsoleto. Vaya a la página del software PC400 para su descarga gratuita.

Versión actual: 4.4.2

El PC200W es un software de iniciación gratuito para PC, para los usuarios que empiezan a trabajar con nuestros dataloggers o para aplicaciones que no requieran un avanzado enlace de comunicaciones o de programación del datalogger; las funciones que incorpora son básicas (ajuste del reloj del logger, cargar programa al logger, monitorizar y descargar datos del logger, etc.). El PC200W sólo admite conexión directa entre un PC y el datalogger (no son posibles enlaces de telecomunicaciones o la descarga de datos programada desatentida).

Una vez creado un programa de adquisición con el asistente Short Cut, se utiliza el software PC200W para cargar el programa al datalogger.

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Ventajas y características

  • Incluye funciones básicas (ajuste reloj, carga de programa, monitorizar medidas, descargar datos, emulación de terminal, etc.)
  • Compatible con la mayoría de dataloggers Campbell Scientific
  • Comunica con dataloggers con sistema operativo tipo mixed-array, table, y PakBus®
  • Se puede descargar de forma gratuita (ver Descargas en la pestaña Soporte)


Descripción detallada

PC200W was designed expressly for the beginning user so a manual is not necessary. Context-sensitive help is available throughout the program by pressing F1.


PC200W allows you to:

  • Send programs to the data loggers
  • Collect data
  • Set the data logger clock
  • Access a terminal emulation mode

Note: PC200W only supports direct communications. Telemetry requires either LoggerNet or PC400 Datalogger Support Software. LoggerNet also supports scheduled data collection. For more information, contact Campbell Scientific.

Data Processing and Display

PC200W collects and stores data in comma-separated files on your PC. It includes View Pro, which displays data files in tabular or graphical form. For mixed-array data loggers, a simple Split program is included that separates arrays in a data file into separate files.


CardConvert is used to convert and save binary data from a PC Card, CompactFlash card, or microSD card. Our CR5000 and CR9000X dataloggers store data on a PC Card via their on-board PCMCIA card slot, and store data on a CompactFlash card via the CF1 CompactFlash Adapter. Our CR1000 and CR3000 dataloggers store data on a CompactFlash card via the CFM100 CompactFlash Module or NL116 Ethernet Interface and CompactFlash Module. Our CR6 and CR1000X dataloggers store data on a microSD card.

Data Logger Programming

PC200W includes Short Cut for creating simple data logger programs. Programs created with the CRBasic Editor or Edlog can be sent to the data logger using PC200W.

  • Download Short Cut Program Generator at no charge. 
  • CRBasic is a program editor included in LoggerNet and PC400 Datalogger Support Software.
  • Edlog is a program editor included in LoggerNet and PC400 Datalogger Support Software.

License for Use

PC200W is copyrighted software. Campbell Scientific distributes this software free of charge to enable users to work with Campbell Scientific data acquisition equipment. PC200W may be freely copied; however, neither PC200W nor any of its files may be sold or included in any other software or altered in any way without prior permission from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

Limited Warranty

Campbell Scientific, Inc., does not warrant that the software will meet licensee’s requirements or that the software or documentation are error free or that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted. Campbell Scientific, Inc., is not responsible for problems caused by computer hardware, computer operating systems or the use of Campbell Scientific, Inc.’s software with non-Campbell Scientific, Inc. software.

All warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed and excluded. Campbell Scientific, Inc., shall not in any case be liable for special, incidental, consequential, indirect, or other similar damages even if Campbell Scientific, Inc., has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Campbell Scientific, Inc., is not responsible for any costs incurred as result of lost profits or revenue, loss of use of the software, loss of data, cost of re-creating lost data, the cost of any substitute program, claims by any party other than licensee, or for other similar costs.

Licensee’s sole and exclusive remedy is set forth in this limited warranty. Campbell Scientific, Inc.’s aggregate liability arising from, or relating to, this agreement or the software or documentation (regardless of the form of action; e.g., contract, tort, computer malpractice, fraud and/or otherwise) is limited to the purchase price paid by the licensee.


Current Version 4.5
Operating System Windows 10
Purchased Separately Free download
Software Level Entry
Communications Supported Direct connect
Scheduled Data Collection Supported No
Data Display Supported Numeric, simple, line graph


Nota: lo siguiente muestra información de compatibilidad notable. No es una lista de todos los productos compatibles.


Producto Compatible Nota
CR1000 (retired)
CR200X (retired)
CR216X (retired)
CR3000 (retired)
CR3000 (retired)
CR3000 (retired)
CR5000 (retired)
CR800 (retired)
CR850 (retired)
CR9000X (retired)


Producto Compatible Nota
21X (retired) The 21X requires three PROMs; two PROM 21X Microloggers are not compatible.
CR10 (retired)
CR10X (retired)
CR23X (retired)
CR500 (retired)
CR510 (retired)
CR9000 (retired)

Información de compatibilidad adicional

Computer Requirements

Recommended computer operating systems—Windows 10


Only direct connection between the PC and data logger is supported (telecommunications are not supported and neither is scheduled data collection). PC200W supports PC cards, CompactFlash cards, and microSD cards.


Folletos producto


Short Cut v.4.5 (32.4 MB) 02-05-2024

Short Cut creates simple programs for our CR200-series, CR300-series, CR510, CR500, CR10(X), 21X, CR23X, CR6, CR800, CR1000(X), CR3000, CR5000, CR9000X and GRANITE dataloggers. Both mixed array and table data operating systems are supported. Short Cut also supports our ET106, ET107 and MetData1 weather stations. The newest version includes the latest sensor files.

Historial revisiones

Device Configuration Utility v.2.29 (54 MB) 15-11-2023

A software utility used to download operating systems and set up Campbell Scientific hardware. Also will update PakBus Graph and the Network Planner if they have been installed previously by another Campbell Scientific software package.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11 or 10 (Both 32 and 64 bit)

Historial revisiones

Preguntas frecuentes

Número de FAQs relacionadas con PC200: 30

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  1. Units cannot be displayed in the Monitor Data tab of PC200W.  When data is collected using PC200W, the units, if known, are contained in the header of the data file. They can be displayed in View by selecting the View | Show Full Header menu item.

  2. The latest version of PC200W can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Downloads area of the PC200W product page. 

  3. After a multiplexer has been added in Short Cut (SCWin), all the sensors that can be added to the multiplexer are listed in the Available Sensors and Devices tree. Short Cut only allows two different sensors to be added to a multiplexer if they are both measured using the same type of measurement (that is, single-ended, differential, half bridge, 3-wire half bridge, etc.). After a sensor is added to the multiplexer, the Available Sensors and Devices tree lists only those sensors that require the same type of measurement as the first sensor added.

  4. The Device Configuration Utility is included with PC200W. It is also available free-of-charge as a stand-alone product on the Downloads page of our website.

  5. Data records are collected (downloaded from the data logger to the PC) from the PC200W Collect Data tab. The records can be viewed and printed by selecting View from the PC200W toolbar or the Tools menu.

  6. A control port must first be configured for output in the data logger program before it can be toggled on or off. Consequently, if a selected port doesn’t appear to change, the program may not have the port configured for output. (Refer to the operator’s manual for the data logger for more information.)

    The retired CR500 and CR510 have two control ports; however, only one of the ports, control port 1, can be configured for output. Therefore, control port 2 cannot be toggled on or off. It is included on the display so that its status can be monitored.

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