What is the default port used when LoggerNet Remote connects with a remote LoggerNet Admin or LoggerNet for Linux installation?

When a LoggerNet client, such as the Connect screen (in LoggerNet Remote) needs to connect to a remote LoggerNet Admin or LoggerNet Linux installation, the default port used is 6789.

The default port can be altered using the command line argument ipport. The following is the explanation from LoggerNet Help:

      Command line arguments allow you to change LoggerNet's default behavior when it is started from a shortcut.
      /IPPORT=XXXXX Causes the server to use port XXXXX for TCP/IP communications with clients. This is useful if some other software is using LoggerNet's default port of 6789. Usage:
           "C:\Program Files\CampbellSci\LoggerNet\ToolBar.exe" /ipport=12345


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