SnowVUE10 Sensor digital medida grosor nieve
Alta sensibilidad y bajo ruido
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The SnowVUE™10 is a digital, ultrasonic snow-depth sensor that provides continuous and accurate snow-depth measurements with its advanced spectrum analysis and best-in-class, wide-band transducer. With its low-power requirement and low-maintenance design, the SnowVUE 10 is suitable for most alpine and remote installations. The SnowVUE 10 also features Campbell Scientific’s total uptime diagnostic package to provide you with critical sensor performance measurements such as internal humidity, temperature, sensor level (tilt), measurement quality, and incoming voltage. An external air temperature sensor is required to correct for the changes in sound velocity due to changes in temperature.

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Ventajas y características

  • Snow-depth measurements with low noise and high precision
  • Low power usage for remote solar applications
  • Exceptional reliability with advanced diagnostics
  • SDI-12 v.1.4 output compatible with current Campbell Scientific data loggers


Descripción detallada

The SnowVUE™10 uses a wide-band, ultrasonic transducer to create sound pulses that are reflected off the snow surface. By measuring the two-way travel time of the pulse, the distance to the snow surface can be precisely calculated using advanced spectrum analysis. Because the speed of sound through air varies with the air temperature, an accurate air temperature measurement is required to correct for this change.


Power Requirements 9 to 18 Vdc
Quiescent Current Consumption < 300 µA
Active Current Consumption
  • 210 mA (peak)
  • 14 mA (average at 20°C)
Measurement Time
  • 5 s (average)
  • 20 s (maximum)
Output SDI-12 (version 1.4)
Measurement Range 0.4 to 10 m (1.3 to 32.8 ft)
  • Accuracy specification is for still air with uniform temperature between the sensor and a flat, solid target. Air movement, temperature gradient along the sonic path, snow density, and differences between actual and measured temperature can affect the accuracy. An external temperature compensation is required.
  • 0.2% of distance to target
Resolution 0.1 mm
Required Beam Angle Clearance 30°
Operating Temperature Range -45° to +50°C
Sensor Body Material Corrosion-resistant, type III anodized aluminum
Sensor Connector M12, male, 4-pole, A-coded
Cable Type Polyurethane sheathed, screened cable
Cable Diameter 4.8 mm (0.19 in.)
Maximum Cable Length 60 m (197 ft)
Sensor Length 9.9 cm (3.9 in.)
Sensor Weight 293 g (0.65 lb)


Nota: lo siguiente muestra información de compatibilidad notable. No es una lista de todos los productos compatibles.


Producto Compatible Nota
CR3000 (retired)

Información de compatibilidad adicional

The SnowVUE™10 is compatible with all current Campbell Scientific data loggers and retired data loggers that support the SDI-12 protocol.


SnowVUE10 OS v.1.18 (473 KB) 15-02-2023

Current SnowVUE10 operating system. 

Note: OS update must be performed using the aXLOADOS! SDI-12 command. Please refer to the SnowVUE user manual for details on the update process. 

Historial revisiones

SnowVUE Program Example for GRANITE-Series, CR6, CR1000X Dataloggers v.1 (10 KB) 03-11-2021

Two programs that read the SnowVUE 10 sensor. One program performs temperature compensation to provide snow depth. The other program uses extended commands to send the air temperature and distance to ground to the sensor and the sensor calculates the snow depth. Both example programs are compatible with the GRANITE-series, CR6, and CR1000X dataloggers.