ENC8/10 Weather-Resistant Enclosure, 8 x 10 inches (203 x 254mm)


The ENC8/10 is a weather-resistant enclosure that is 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall. It is the smallest of our standard enclosures, yet it is extra deep with a depth of 6 inches. This enclosure is suitable for use with CR300-series or CR200X-series dataloggers. The ENC8/10 can house one of these data loggers and a small power supply. Alternatively, this enclosure can be used to mount a communication or measurement peripheral without a data logger.

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ENC8/10 shown mounted (additional items sold separately)
ENC8/10 shown mounted (additional items sold separately)
ENC8/10 shown mounted (additional items sold separately)

Descripción detallada

The ENC8/10's backplate is prepunched with half-inch-on-center holes. 


Color White (Reflects solar radiation, reducing temperature gradients inside the enclosure without using a separate radiation shield.)
Enclosure Classification NEMA 4X (before being modified for cable entry, conduit, or ground lug)
Construction Fiberglass-reinforced polyester enclosure with door gasket, external grounding lug, stainless-steel hinge, and lockable hasps
Number of Cable-Entry Seals 6 small
  • 24,8 x 19.7 x 15.9 cm (9.7 x 7.7 x 6.3 in.) internal
  • 30.4 x 23.9 x 16.5 cm (12.0 x 9.4 x 6.5 in.) external
Weight 2.36 kg (5.2 lb)


Inside the Enclosure

The following products will NOT fit inside the ENC8/10: CR3000, 21X, CR23X, CR5000, CR9000X, CR9000, CR7X, 27207, 28517, 31143, SDM-CD16AC, SDM8X50, CFM1, NL116, NL121, BP24, and BP84.

A CR1000 with a device connected to the peripheral port will NOT fit inside the ENC8/10. A CR1000 with a BP7, ALK7, BPALK, PS150, or PS200 will NOT fit inside the ENC8/10. A CR1000 by itself, however, will fit inside the enclosure when it is installed vertically rather than horizontally.

The following products will fit inside the ENC8/10 if they are installed vertically rather than horizontally: CR6, CR800, CR850, CR1000, PS150, PS200, AM25T, AM16/32B, SDM-CAN, SDM-CD16D, SDM-CD16S, SDM-CVO4, SDM-IO16, CDM-A108, CDM-A116, CDM-V300, CDM-V305, LR4, TDR100, and 28532.

The TX321 and HUGHES9502 will fit inside the ENC8/10, and there may be enough room for a small data logger as well, but there will not be enough room for a power supply/battery as well.

The following products will fit inside the ENC8/10: CR300-series, CR200X-series, ALK7, BP7, BP12, BPALK, A21REL-12, A300, A547, A6REL-12, AL200, AVW200-series, CE4, CE8, CH150, CH200, CM320, COM220, CS100, CS106, CWB100-series, DCDC18R, FC100, HUB-CPI, LLAC4, MD485, NL240, QD1, RAVENXTV, RF310, RF321, RF322, RF323, RF401A, RF407, RF412, RF422, RF451, RF500M, RV50, SC32B, SC932A, SC932C, SC-CPI, SDM-AO4A, SDM-INT8, SDM-SW8A, SDS122, SRM-5A, ST-21, 25458, and 31551.


The ENC8/10 can be mounted to a pipe with a minimum size of 0.5 in. (0.840 OD). The maximum pipe size is 2.0 in. (2.375 OD) or up to a 2.4 in. OD tube.

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  1. If you purchased a Stahlin enclosure from Campbell Scientific and it has a failed gasket, we can help you. We will need you to provide an image of the failed gasket, verify the size of your enclosure, and provide your contact information. We can then arrange to have a replacement gasket sent to you from Stahlin. For assistance, contact Technical Support at 435.227.9100.