Closed-Path Eddy-Covariance Systems

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  1. Feasible telemetry solutions vary from location to location. Contact Campbell Scientific for help in determining which options are feasible for the location. The following are some helpful things to know for the discussion:

    • What are the characteristics of the terrain?
    • Which datalogger will be used?
    • Is there clear line of sight?
    • Is Ethernet available?
    • Do cellular phones have coverage at the site?
    • What are the distances between the base locations and the field locations?
    • If there is a current network installed, what is it?
    • Can wired networks be used?

    Eddy-covariance systems typically generate a multitude of data. Generally, not all of the data can be transmitted through a telemetry network. Experts at Campbell Scientific can help determine what data can be transmitted using telemetry.