Wintersense SDI-12 Sensor no-invasivo para medida temperatura de la calzada

The Wintersense SDI-12 is a remote road surface temperature sensor designed for use with your road weather information systems (RWIS). It is an easy-to-deploy, non-invasive, compact, and lightweight sensor that you can mount on existing roadside structures such as streetlight columns or RWIS towers. The Wintersense SDI-12 has a cabled connection for power and communications with an RWIS station or data logger for data storage... Saber más

CR350 Datalogger para medidas y control

The CR350 is a multi-purpose, extremely low power, compact measurement and control data logger. This entry-level data logger, with its rich instruction set, can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. The CR350 concentrates data, makes it available over varied networks, and delivers it using your preferred protocol. The CR350 also performs automated on-site or remote decision-making for control and M2M communications. This data... Saber más

SnowVUE10 Sensor digital medida grosor nieve

The SnowVUE™10 is a digital, ultrasonic snow-depth sensor that provides continuous and accurate snow-depth measurements with its advanced spectrum analysis and best-in-class, wide-band transducer. With its low-power requirement and low-maintenance design, the SnowVUE 10 is suitable for most alpine and remote installations. The SnowVUE 10 also features Campbell Scientific’s total uptime diagnostic package to provide you with critical sensor performance measurements such as internal humidity,... Saber más

ClariVUE10 Sensor medida turbidez (turbidímero) por dispersión lateral con conformidad ISO 7027

El ClariVUE™10 es un sensor de turbidez (turbidímetro) de dispersión lateral sumergible que cumple con la norma ISO 7027. Comunica digitalmente por SDI-12, y es compatible con todos los dataloggers modernos de Campbell Scientific. La medida de la turbidez por dispersión lateral se puede utilizar como equivalente de la concentración de sedimentos en suspensión en ecosistemas acuáticos. Saber más

38485 4G/3G 9 dBi MIMO Cellular Antenna with 2 Type N Socket (Female) Connectors

The 38485 antenna is a wideband, dual-port, directional-panel antenna with slant 45 polarization that covers US LTE700/Cellular/PCS/AWS/MDS and global GSM900/GSM1800/UMTS/LTE2600 bands. The antenna is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It includes a UV-stable radome enclosure that provides years of use without degradation to either mechanical properties or aesthetics. Even though this antenna is uniquely suited for use with cellular modems, it can also... Saber más

GRANITE 6 Sistema adquisición de datos para medida y control

El DAQ (sistema de adquisición de datos) GRANITE ™6 es el componente clave para su sistema de adquisición de datos. GRANITE 6 proporciona comunicaciones rápidas, bajo consumo, USB y Wi-Fi integrados, diseño modular y alta precisión y resolución en sus canales de entrada analógicos. Los terminales universales (U) permiten la conexión de prácticamente cualquier sensor: analógico, digital o "smart". Este DAQ multipropósito también es capaz... Saber más

BaroVUE10 Digital Barometer

The BaroVUE™10 is a highly accurate barometer that can measure pressures over a range of 500 to 1100 hPa and can be used in a range of applications that includes meteorology and hydrology. This sensor includes our zero downtime recalibration. Other sensors on the market need to be taken offline and sent back to the manufacturer to be recalibrated, often for weeks at a time,... Saber más

GRANITE Chassis Chassis for GRANITE Data-Acquisition Systems

The GRANITE™Chassis is a platform for housing a complete GRANITE system. The Chassis can hold up to eight modules, which may include the DAQ (GRANITE™10, GRANITE™9, or GRANITE™6), CH400, and additional GRANITE measurement modules. Portability and protection are fundamental to the design, delivering optimal system performance in demanding conditions—especially when heat must be dissipated quickly. Up to five panel faces (four top, one rear) can... Saber más

RainVUE10 SDI-12 Precipitation Sensor with Plastic Funnel

The RainVUE™️10 is ideal for many hydrological or meteorological applications such as weather stations and flood warning systems. The RainVUE™️10 is an SDI-12 tipping bucket rain gage in the RainVUE™️ family of products. Advanced algorithms and digital processing within the sensor compensate for errors caused by high-intensity rain and provide accurate precipitation and intensity measurements. Constructed of an aerodynamic plastic funnel, the RainVUE™️10 is cost... Saber más

DAQ Case 15 Data Acquisition (DAQ) Laboratory and Field Case

The DAQ Case 15 is a cost-effective and convenient carrying case for your valuable data-acquisition equipment. This case is specifically configured for GRANITE™ Data-Acquisition Systems and Campbell Scientific data loggers. The DAQ Case 15 is optimized for applications that require easy transport in a lab, in the field, or for short-term deployments.  The DAQ Case 15 includes a removable backplate that is housed inside a rugged Pelican™ carrying... Saber más