TempVue 50 Sensor digital SDI-12 medida temperatura agua o suelo

The TempVue™50 is a high-precision digital water and soil temperature sensor that extends the high performance of the TempVue product line into the water. The TempVue 50 is a rugged and reliable sensor that exceeds United States Geological Survey (USGS) Office of Surface Water (OSW) specifications. The sensor is also plug-and-play with the Aspen ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices. Saber más

Aspen10 Dispositivo periférico para un sensor

El revolucionario dispositivo Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) permite a los usuarios conectar fácilmente su sensor medioambiental a la nube. Es robusto, duradero y puede montarse en exteriores sin necesidad de un armario intemperie adicional. Cuenta con un panel solar integrado y una batería interna recargable, lo que convierte a Aspen 10 en un dispositivo realmente autosuficiente. El Aspen 10 es pequeño y compacto, lo que... Saber más

TempVue 20 Pt100 Sensor digital de temperatura del aire

The TempVue™20 provides even greater flexibility to customers wanting the next generation of air-temperature measurements. This sensor meets all relevant World Meteorological Organization (WMO) temperature recommendations, but with a digital output that ensures maximum flexibility to meet all application needs. Designed with the customer in mind, the TempVue 20 easily interfaces with Campbell Scientific or third-party data loggers and fits a wide range of aspirated and... Saber más

SurfaceVue 10 Sensores estado de la calzada y temperatura no invasivos, para ubicación fija

The SurfaceVue™10 is a road condition sensor designed for use with your Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). This non-invasive sensor uses spectroscopic analysis to provide you with surface state, friction, water, and ice layer thickness data. The SurfaceVue 10 also measures surface temperature, air temperature, dew point, air pressure, and wind speed parameters. This data provides you with vital information to make better maintenance and... Saber más

FluoreSens 10 Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) System

The FluoreSens™10 offers a direct sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) measurement that can provide accurate estimates of gross primary production (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (RECO)—the two largest biospheric carbon sources. This system can be used on its own, or it can be paired with an eddy-covariance (EC) station. Additional applications include ground truth for satellite SIF measurements, crop and vegetative early stress detection and warning, and drought or... Saber más

SDM-SIO2R Two-Channel Serial I/O Module with Relays

The SDM-SIO2R is a digital sensor expansion module that expands the serial I/O interface via Synchronous Device for Measurement (SDM) communications on a data logger. The serial I/O functionality is identical to the SDM-SIO1A One-Channel Serial I/O Module and the SDM-SIO4A Four-Channel Serial I/O Module, except it has two channels. The SDM-SIO2R also has terminals to connect sensor power and sensor heater power, which are controllable... Saber más

TempVue 10 Pt100 Sensor temperatura analógico

El TempVue™10 representa la próxima generación de sensores de medida de temperatura del aire, que cumple con las recomendaciones de temperatura de la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (WMO). Diseñado pensando en el cliente, el TempVue10 se conecta fácilmente a los dataloggers Campbell Scientific o de otros fabricantes, y se adapta a una amplia gama de protectores de radiación solar pasivos. El sensor se entrega con un cable... Saber más

RF452 900 MHz 1 W Spread-Spectrum Radio

The RF452 is a powerful 900 MHz serial radio that is well suited for wireless networking with PakBus data loggers that are located miles apart. The RF452 is a 902 to 928 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio. The radio features high noise immunity, fast serial data transfer speeds, and the maximum transmit power allowed by the FCC in an effort to provide reliable, hassle-free operation. Constructing a network... Saber más

Wintersense SDI-12 Sensor no-invasivo para medida temperatura de la calzada

The Wintersense SDI-12 is a remote road surface temperature sensor designed for use with your Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). It is an easy-to-deploy, non-invasive, compact, and lightweight sensor that you can mount on existing roadside structures such as streetlight columns or RWIS towers. The Wintersense SDI-12 has a cabled connection for power and communications with an RWIS station or data logger for data storage... Saber más