What is new for LoggerNet Version 4?

  • LoggerNet 4.0 introduces a new look and feel to the LoggerNet Toolbar. Applications are divided into categories to make navigating the Toolbar easier. You can also organize a Favorites category for the applications that you use most often.
  • A new file viewing application, View Pro, is introduced in which LoggerNet 4.0. View Pro allows you to graph data in a variety of formats including Line Graph, X- Y Plot, Histogram, Rainflow Histogram, and FFT(2D or 3D).
  • Another new application, the Network Planner, is included. The Network Planner is a graphical application that assists the user in designing PakBus datalogger networks.

LoggerNet 4.0 includes many additional changes. See the preface to the LoggerNet manual for more details on what is new in LoggerNet 4.0 and each individual application.

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