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Comparativa rápida entre los dataloggers CR1000X, CR1000, y CR6

Autor: Timothy Jeppsen | Última actualización: 03/19/2020 | Comentarios: 4

comparativa rápida entre los dataloggers cr1000x, cr1000, y cr6

We recently released the CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger, and you may be wondering how it compares with our widely used CR1000 datalogger and our innovative CR6 datalogger. If you’re in the market for a new data logger, how do you know which one is... leer más

It’s Time to Embrace the Hybrid

Autor: Kevin Rhodes | Última actualización: 12/02/2019 | Comentarios: 0

it’s time to embrace the hybrid

Sometimes, it’s hard to let go. But if we don’t let go, we don’t have empty hands ready to embrace something new—even a data logger. The CR1000 Measurement and Control Datalogger (introduced in 2004) has been incredibly successful with installations on every continent of our planet.... leer más

Soporte para nuevo producto: RaZON+ de Kipp & Zonen

Autor: Matt Perry | Última actualización: 01/17/2018 | Comentarios: 0

soporte para nuevo producto: razon+ de kipp & zonen

During 2017, I was asked several times for a data logger program to retrieve data from Kipp & Zonen’s new RaZON+, a compact-sized dual-axis sun tracker with integrated GPS, smart pyrheliometer, and shaded smart pyranometer. The RaZON+ touts a higher accuracy approach to obtaining solar... leer más

Periféricos integrados en el CR1000X: fácil expansión

Autor: Timothy Jeppsen | Última actualización: 11/29/2017 | Comentarios: 0

periféricos integrados en el cr1000x: fácil expansión

What do expansion peripherals do, and how is integrating them helpful? Expansion peripherals have two purposes: to expand the capabilities of the data logger, both in channel count and functionality, and to improve measurement quality. What if we could provide both and make it easier... leer más

Reemplazar un datalogger CR1000 por un CR1000X: lo que hay que tener en cuenta

Autor: Timothy Jeppsen | Última actualización: 10/11/2017 | Comentarios: 6

reemplazar un datalogger cr1000 por un cr1000x: lo que hay que tener en cuenta

As soon as people learned that we were replacing the CR1000 datalogger with the CR1000X datalogger, they asked us these questions: “Can I load a program I wrote for my CR1000 into a CR1000X?” and “Will the CR1000X fit in the same space as my... leer más

Introducing the CR1000X: A New Generation of Data Loggers with Proven Functionality

Autor: Timothy Jeppsen | Última actualización: 08/02/2017 | Comentarios: 3

introducing the cr1000x: a new generation of data loggers with proven functionality

It should come as no surprise that the CR1000 datalogger (introduced in 2004) has been an incredibly successful data logger. With nearly 100,000 deployed, this data logger has been installed on every continent on the earth. Using the design success of the CR1000, Campbell Scientific... leer más

Available Security Measures for Internet-Connected Dataloggers

Autor: Dana Worley | Última actualización: 12/07/2016 | Comentarios: 2

available security measures for internet-connected dataloggers

The Internet of Things offers a lot of advantages in today’s culture. There are consumer devices that let you monitor and control mood lighting and music in your home, keep track of last week’s leftover dinner in your refrigerator, and help you brew a cup... leer más

¿Cómo acceder a medidas en tiempo real mediante Modbus?

Autor: Paul Smart | Última actualización: 04/07/2016 | Comentarios: 13

¿cómo acceder a medidas en tiempo real mediante modbus?

¿Sabía usted que puede convertir su datalogger Campbell Scientific en un esclavo Modbus TCP/IP? ¿Sabía usted por qué eso es una buena idea? Los dataloggers Campbell Scientific se utilizan comúnmente como dispositivos esclavos Modbus. Esto significa que el datalogger está configurado para implementar el protocolo de comunicaciones... leer más

Más de 10 razones que maravillan del nuevo datalogger CR300

Autor: Robin Deissinger | Última actualización: 03/16/2016 | Comentarios: 3

más de 10 razones que maravillan del nuevo datalogger cr300

En esta breve entrevista, Kevin Rhodes, product manager del nuevo datalogger CR300, nos explicará que valor añadido puede aportar a nuestros clientes de Campbell Scientific. Kevin es Director de productos en Campbell Scientific, Inc. El fue entrevistado por Robin Deissinger, editor de nuestro blog. Entrevista Q&A Control... leer más

6 pasos para importar datos al datalogger de un fichero XML externo en InterNet

Autor: Gary Roberts | Última actualización: 03/02/2016 | Comentarios: 1

6 pasos para importar datos al datalogger de un fichero xml externo en internet

Would it be helpful to include data from a reputable source with your own data? If you have permission to use another source’s data for free or by agreement, how can you easily extract the specific data you want to use without doing a lot... leer más

Meet Our 2015 Photo Contest Winners

Autor: Robin Deissinger | Última actualización: 10/28/2015 | Comentarios: 4

meet our 2015 photo contest winners

We asked our integrators, those folks who sell and install our products, to send us their best photos of Campbell Scientific equipment operating in the field. From all of their submissions, we selected a photo from Western Weather Group as the first-place winner. Runners-up photo... leer más

4 New Ways to Use Array Notation: Copying or Transposing

Autor: Janet Albers | Última actualización: 07/21/2015 | Comentarios: 0

4 new ways to use array notation: copying or transposing

Copying or transposing has become easier with OS 28 (CR6 OS 1). This new operating system enables you to copy portions of an array to a new location, such as when transposing rows and columns. In this example we start with A(3,2) (3 rows, 2 columns) initialized as... leer más

4 New Ways to Use Array Notation: Complex Scaling

Autor: Janet Albers | Última actualización: 07/01/2015 | Comentarios: 0

4 new ways to use array notation: complex scaling

You can perform more complex scaling in an array without needing a For/Next loop. To take advantage of this feature, use OS 28 (CR6 OS 01) or later.   In this example program, a unique set of multipliers and offsets is applied to the column of an... leer más

4 New Ways to Use Array Notation: Initializing Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Autor: Janet Albers | Última actualización: 06/10/2015 | Comentarios: 0

4 new ways to use array notation: initializing multi-dimensional arrays

Initializing variables within an array is more flexible than ever with OS 28 (CR6 OS 1). You can think of a single dimensioned array as numbers in a column. Two dimensions, in comparison, puts numbers in rows and columns. The third dimension is a page. For example:... leer más

6 Common Communication Problems Involving Serial Connections

Autor: Jacob Davis | Última actualización: 05/29/2015 | Comentarios: 6

6 common communication problems involving serial connections

Your datalogger may record great data, but if you can't retrieve it, the data isn’t going to do you much good. To ensure your successful data retrieval, it’s essential that you can troubleshoot possible problems that may arise with PC-to-datalogger communication over a serial connection.... leer más

4 New Ways to Use Array Notation: Simple Scaling

Autor: Janet Albers | Última actualización: 05/29/2015 | Comentarios: 0

4 new ways to use array notation: simple scaling

The newest operating system released by Campbell Scientific for its data loggers is OS 28 for the CR800, CR1000, and CR3000. (The comparable operating system version for the CR6 datalogger is OS 01.) This powerful data logger OS has been enhanced so that you can... leer más