We now offer a choice of three operating systems (OS) for our RF500M UHF/VHF radio modem and RF500B UHF/VHF base station. This choice allows these RF devices to be used with most of our dataloggers (both current and retired), and better supports various communication needs.

The PakBus OS is considered the standard for the RF500M and RF500B. It uses polling (RF-TD) to quickly and efficiently move data through a network. Additionally, each station can be individually dialed by LoggerNet. The PakBus OS is compatible with our current generation of PakBus dataloggers, as well as with retired dataloggers that have a –TD or –PB datalogger OS.

The ALERT (Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time) OS for our RF500M and RF500B allows for transmission, repeating, and reception of binary ALERT-formatted data. It is a derivative of the PakBus OS, and therefore supports both ALERT and PakBus communications, providing true two-way communication with a station. The ALERT OS is compatible with our CR200(X) series, CR800 series, CR1000, and CR3000 dataloggers.

Our newest option, the Dial OS, works with mixed-array and most PakBus dataloggers. With this OS, each station can be dialed by LoggerNet for downloading data and sending programs. The Dial OS also allows stations to create point-to-point networks for sharing of measurement and control tasks.