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Features 12 Air Sample Inlets and 4 Calibration Inlets
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The 30497 is a sampling system most often used with a trace-gas analyzer in low-flow applications such as profile or chamber measurements. The 30497 features 12 ports or inlets for measuring sample air and 4 inlets for measuring calibration gases. The 12 sample inlets are designed to pull sample air from every inlet all the time, but air from each inlet is diverted to the sampler one at a time. This allows the system to quickly reach equilibrium after switching valves. Conversely, a calibration gas inlet is only used when the calibration gas is flowing to the analyzer, thus conserving the calibration gases.

The 30497 ships in an ENC16/18 fiberglass enclosure and includes a valve manifold, pressure sensors, and flow sensors. The 30497 should also be ordered with an SDC-CD16S to control the valves, a CR3000, an NL115, and an appropriate sample dryer such as the PD1T. Most configurations also require a sample delivery pump and an analyzer pump. Contact Campbell Scientific to configure a sampling system for your application.

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