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Proyecto Everest episodio 4 : pruebas

Episode 4 of a five-part series highlights the two testing environments for the Mount Everest stations: at a laboratory and...

(3:35) Uploaded: 1/28/2020

Proyecto Everest episodio 3 : diseño y fabricación

Episode 3 of a five-part series discusses designing automated weather stations for quick installation in the extreme environment of Mount...

(1:58) Uploaded: 1/21/2020

Proyecto Everest episodio 2: el reto

Episode 2 of a five-part series explores the design challenges of automated weather stations for installation on Mount Everest.

(3:51) Uploaded: 1/15/2020

Proyecto Everest episodio 1: Introducción

Episode 1 of a five-part series introduces the project for the first permanent automated weather station to be installed on...

(1:15) Uploaded: 1/7/2020