The Institute of Volcanology in Sicily has installed five Campbell Scientific dataloggers on Mount Etna for monitoring ground deformation. The CR10Xs will help boost the Institute’s early warning system, which serves the densely populated coastal town of Catania on the slopes of Europe’s highest volcano. Mount Etna has erupted nearly 100 times, most recently in 1985. Since then, a whole range of Campbell Scientific’s measurement and control equipment has been deployed. The Institute has also carried out a major monitoring exercise with CR10Xs on the Sicilian islands of Stromboli, Lipari and Vulcano, as well as an Italian research program in Antarctica. The Institute supports over 30 Campbell Scientific dataloggers, some of which communicate by radio or local MD9 networks.

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Systems monitor the precursors of volcanic eruptions


Mount Etna, Sicily

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Institute of Volcanology, Campbell Scientific, Ltd.

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Institute of Volcanology, Sicily

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Ground deformation