The University of Connecticut, Dept. of Marine Sciences is overseeing a project in Long Island Sound that provides water quality information to the public. The project, called MYSound (Monitoring Your Sound), currently consists of three data buoys and a weather station. Two more buoys and two weather stations will be added soon. A CR10X datalogger is at the core of each measurement station. Monitored parameters include: dissolved oxygen, conductivity/salinity, and temperature. Future measurements may include transmissivity, chlorophyll A, nutrients/nitrate, and surface hydrocarbons. Data is available from the MYSound Web site.

Resumen casos de aplicación


Monitoring water quality from an oceanographic buoy


Long Island Sound, USA

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Empresas participantes

UConn, Department of Marine Sciences

Parámetros medidos

Dissolved oxygen, conductivity/salinity, and temperature

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