To meet regulations that govern the nuclear industry, Westlakes Research Institute carried out a study of the airflow and turbulence levels around British Nuclear Fuels at Sellafield, Cumbria in England. The atmospheric flow around the Sellafield site is disturbed by the surrounding terrain and the nearby sea-to-land transition. Three sonic anemometers, installed near the plant, were measured at the rate of 20 Hz by a CR10 Measurement and Control System. Onboard mathematical instructions (calculated means, variances, covariances, and correlation coefficients) reduced what would have been an unmanageable 50 Mbytes of data per day into a manageable 1 Mbyte per month. Westlakes will use the data to draw conclusions about the applicability of an air flow model to the complex terrain and, more importantly, the atmospheric flow in the region.

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Monitoring atmospheric air flow around a nuclear power facility


Cumbria, England

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Westlakes Research Institute

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Airflow, turbulence

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