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Casos de aplicación

Ontario: Solar-Energy Programs
With climate change and pollution becoming important issues globally, it is important for governments and......leer más
Chile: Solar Panel Soiling
Valhalla, an energy company in Chile, is making resource assessment and solar-panel soiling measurements in......leer más
South Africa: Solar Prospecting
Historically, the South African energy sector had been monopolized by a single state-owned utility company......leer más
Solar Monitoring at Canada’s First Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant
The small southern Alberta city of Medicine Hat is the first city in the world......leer más
Alaska: Hydrokinetic Energy
Marine hydrokinetic energy power generation is an emerging sector in the renewable energy portfolio. Hydrokinetic......leer más
North Carolina: Monitoring “Green” Hotel
When Dennis Quaintance decided to build the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina, he knew......leer más
California: Wind Farm Monitoring
CalWind Resources owns and operates a wind farm in Tehachapi, California. The wind farm has......leer más
University Paris Sud-Orsay: Plant Research
Dataloggers from Campbell Scientific are being used for measurement and control as part of a......leer más