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From the HydrometCARIBBEAN website:

HydrometCARIBBEAN is a three-day symposium designed to provide a platform for constructive conversation and debate around building resilient hydromet infrastructure, improving data, developing partnerships and working with stakeholders.

It provides an opportunity for attendees to better understand the current key themes coming out of the WMO, including public-private engagement (PPE) and early warning systems, for all via presentations, Q&As and roundtable sessions.

HydrometCARIBBEAN brings together a diverse audience of public and private sector players to develop a common understanding of their priorities and partnership needs.

​Through highly relevant content and debate, our audience can uncover funding opportunities, new partnership models and gain high-quality perspective.

Returning for the first time in-person since 2019's successful summit, HydrometCARIBBEAN will this time focus on the topic of early warning systems (EWS) – a key requirement for hydromet services, as the UN Secretary General has called for EWS to be available to all in just five years’ time.

Our aim with this symposium is to discuss where the region currently stands in regards to the development of EWS and where it wants to get to, looking at the challenges around achieving this, possible solutions, and ultimately charting a path forward.

Stop by the Campbell Scientific booth, #5.

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Fecha: Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2023
Lugar: Kingston, Jamaica
Booth #: 5

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